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Double conversion superheterodyne

Icom's basic idea about the best receiver circuit is to reproduce high fidelity audio without internal distortion. Our answer to achieve this goal is to adopt a double conversion superheterodyne system*. The double conversion system simplifies the electronic circuitry and reduces the number of components which cause internal distortion. The digital signal processing (DSP) technologies and image rejection mixer make it possible to adopt this system.

* A triple conversion system is used for the 1200MHz band.

Independent dual receivers

As seen in the above figure, the IC-9100 has 3 independent receiver circuits from the antenna connector to the second IF mixer (image rejection mixer). One each for HF/50MHz, 144MHz, 430/440MHz bands. See the table below for simultaneous receive pairs.

AGC loop management

Digital IF filters, manual notch filter and other digital functions are incorporated in the AGC loop management controlled by the DSP unit. The AGC effectively works for the desired signal and rejects blocking by strong adjacent signals out of the filter passband. The AGC time constant presets (slow, medium and fast) give the flexibility and speed needed for working pile-ups.

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